This was a pretty bad movie. I was a big fan of Chris Elliot from his show Get a Life on Fox, but this movie just sucked. I had high hopes for it, since it was written by the writer for Get a Life, and also produced by Tim Burton. Ok, it had a few bright moments, but overall it was pretty bad. Elliot plays a school boy named Nathanial Mayweather who is about to graduate from finishing school. He's supposed to go to Hawaii to visit his father, but gets on the wrong boat (The Filthy Whore) by mistake. After the crew finds him, they decide to make him the cabin boy. In an attempt to get to Hawaii, Elliot guides them into an area known as Hell's Bucket, where many dangers await and Elliot meets the love of his life Trina, who he pulls out of the ocean during her attempt to set a new world record and ends up hating him.

He ends up stranded on an island, where he loses his virginity to a six armed woman named Calli. This gives him the confidence to win over Trina. The husband of Calli then chases after the boat to seek him out, and Elliot rides Trina out to sea (she's a swimmer remember) to join the fight. After they defeat him, and the giant half man half shark Chocki, they rejoin the crew who are so happy they agree to take him to Hawaii. Of course, once there he decides to head back out to sea on the Filthy Whore with his woman.

Really, the only funny moments in the film are when Elliot interacts with David Letterman on the way to the ship, and the brief scenes with Andy Richter (who plays a shipmen who took Elliot in, but then got washed overboard). Other than that, the acting is bad, the special effects are worse, and the plot is apparently improvised...poorly. Like I said, there are moments, so you might want to check it out if you liked Get a Life. But overall, I'd give it a 1.5/5.

You know, in a sick sort of way I like this movie too...

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