CCAC is an abbrievation for The Computer-Club At The RWTH Aachen (ComputerClub an der RWTH Aachen e.V.). It is a meeting place for everybody in Aachen/Germany, who is interested in Computers / Programming / Web-Stuff / Operating Systems / Troubleshooting, etc.
Opening times are nearly every Evening from 1900h-2100h CET.
There are different groups each evening. To see which groups are on what day, and maybe contact somebody, just visit the website.
Everybody is welcome, not only students of the university in Aachen - just check it out ;-)
Website at :

CCAC is also an abbreviation for the Canadian Council on Animal Care. This group makes the rules pertaining to animal experiments, and upholds them.

Before anyone can start an animal experiment in Canada they must submit a protocol to the CCAC for their approval. If the council does not approve the protocol, then animals cannot be ordered for the experiment. They will most likely suggest changes to allow you to do your experiment.

In the proposal the investigator must, in a detailed, yet easy to understand manner, explain why they are doing the experiment, how they plan to do it, justification for the use of the animals, and why they need so many animals.

On each CCAC committee there are veterinarians, experienced scientists, members of the CCAC and lay persons. This group ensures that the proposed experiments are not outrageous and are important studies.

The CCAC also reviews each animal facility on a regular basis (every 3-5 years) to ensure that all rules are being followed and that facilities are clean to the point of having little or no pathogens, and have few routes for arrival of pathogens.

Those who run each facility must uphold the rules of the facility, because if they don't their facility could be shut down immediately by the CCAC. Most facilities have CCAC committee members who work in them, which is one more way they keep an eye on the experiments.

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