Bust Ass Falls is an amazing waterfall located in western North Carolina, outside Asheville, along the Horsepasture River. It's official name is actually Drift Falls, but locally it will always be Bust Ass, as in:

"Hey, this Saturday we are getting together to drive out to Bust Ass, you guys should come!"

Bust Ass is a very popular landmark with college and high school students, and other thrill-seekers. Basically you start at the top of the falls and plunge into the fastest part of the river, which then carries you down a steep and bumpy incline (about 300 feet at a 35 degree angle) to a deep pool at the bottom.

A few words of caution to all prospective visitors:

It is important to try to stay towards the exact middle of the river when sliding. If you stray too far to either side of the falls, your spine will not thank you, and you will know exactly how the falls got it's unique nomenclature.

Injuries are not uncommon at the falls, and you are pretty far from any readily available medical treatment, so use common sense at all times.

The tingle of fear you feel when standing at the top of the falls is your body's way of telling you "Maybe this is not such a good idea!" If you have doubts about your abilities, maybe you should heed it. Of course, be prepared to be jeered and ridiculed by the other ass-busting enthusiasts.

Bust Ass Falls is not actually located on public lands, and most of the property adjoining the river is privately owned. The owners are usually pretty easy-going about allowing access, so be respectful and don't leave trash and shit everywhere. People have occasionally been cited for trespassing in the surrounding woods, so bust ass at your own risk.

Now, the above warnings aside, if you are in the area, and have never been, you need to get out there ASAP! From Asheville take NC-281 west into Transylvania County. Switch to US-64 West outside of Brevard, then turn left of NC-283 (Whitewater Road.) About two miles up you will come to a wide area in the road, with a long section of guardrail on the left. There are no signs marking the location, but there will probably be at least 1 or 2 other cars parked there. Park as far off the road as you can, then cross the guardrail and follow any of the many trails down the incline to the falls.

While you are there, you should also hike about a 1/4 mile downstream to Turtle Back Falls.

Oh yes, one other thing, these two falls are where the only known sightings of The Insane "I DO THIS ALL THE TIME!" Redneck were reported, but that is a node for another time.

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