From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 6. Braised Fowl

Bone the breast, and fill it with forcemeat. Lay the bones and the other poultry trimmings in a stew-pan, and the fowl on them. Put to them an onion, a bundle of herbs, three blades of mace, a pint of stock, and a glass of sherry. Mask the fowl with slices of bacon, and sprinkle with white pepper; cover the whole close, and put it on a slow stove for an hour. Then take it up; strain the braise, carefully skim off the fat, and set it on to boil very quickly to a glaze, which put over the fowl with a brush. Before glazing, put the fowl into the oven for a few minutes, to give a little colour. If you are an abstainer, leave out the sherry; but, practically, there is no harm whatever in using a little wine in cookery. All the alcohol evaporates in boiling, and only the flavour remains.

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