To me, a brain is just as sexy as an Abercrombie and Fitch model. I mean, the long, pink slimy thing itself is not sexy (especially if that is all it is, and it is sitting in a jar of formaldahide), but the ideas contained in a brain are sexy.

Well, I suppose that a wonderful combination of wit, sarcasm, dark humor, and creativity is the sexiest thing that I can imagine right now.

I have tried dating men who I think are sexy, and, if they thought that I was sexy too, that defined the relationship: we were sexually attracted to eachother. Whooped-dee-doo. But to date a man who I admire for his brain, someone that I can relate to and have long, drawn-out conversations with... that is bliss.

Luckily, I have met one such person, but our jigsaw puzzle pieces did not connect, so he is gone. And, it seems, that when the sex is gone, even if you two try to be friends, then the mental connection is gone as well.

So my suggestion to everyone: have sex with great brains! It will lead to many stimulating conversations.

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