One over par on a golf hole. Has nothing to do with our cigarette smoking actor/hero. For instance, if par on a hole is 4 and you take 5 to finish the hole, you have made a bogey. If you are playing a par 72 golf course, as many of them are, and you make 18 bogeys, you will have scored 90. That's a lot better than most of the golfers in the world will shoot today, so don't despair.

British term for what Americans call a booger. (At least according to The Young Ones and its tie-in, neil's Book of the Dead.)

Bo"gey (&?;), n.

A goblin; a bugbear. See Bogy.


© Webster 1913

Bo"gey (?), n.; pl. Bogeys (#). [Also bogie.]


A goblin; a bugbear.

I have become a sort of bogey -- a kill- joy.
Wm. Black.

2. (Golf)

A given score or number of strokes, for each hole, against which players compete; -- said to be so called because assumed to be the score of an imaginary first-rate player called Colonel Bogey.


© Webster 1913

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