Blue's News (previously "Blue's Quake Rag") has been running since 1996. Initially it covered just Quake and its modifications, but in recent years has expanded to cover all FPS games, tactical shooters, occasional RTS's and to a lesser extent all PC network gaming. The appearance of the site has remained practically unchanged since it's inception, and due to its popularity it has been designed to run with any browser. The editorial is impartial, but there is a natural emphasis on Id Software games (to be expected considering their impact on the genre). See also Loonygames.

In December 2000, Blue's News underwent a redesign. Having checked the site almost daily for the last 4 years, I found this a tad disconcerting.

Blue's News is, in my opinion, the best PC gaming news site online. The site's updated several times daily, with all the news and links to the stories on the main page. They present all news without a bias and quickly, without a lot of fluff. Sure they don't do interviews and all the jazz that other news sites do, but that's what makes them so handy. Just want the news without a lot of pandering or form of bias? Blue's is just the thing for you. And they cover all types of PC gaming and touch on important console news of the day. Very handy, loads pretty quickly, and they even have this neato logo that changes every week. A very cool website ran by some really cool people.

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