A reusable adhesive often found behind posters in the room you move into, or holding up prostitutes' calling cards in phone booths. Available in two colours: blue or white, Blu-Tack has over a thousands uses for artisans and laypersons. It doesn't leave a tiny hole in the wall like tacks and pushpins do, but often does pull off paint when removed.

The all emcompassing stick all wonder goo. Saves you from explaining to landlords, can also serve as silly putty in a pinch.

typically used to stick posters to walls, but can also be used to hold small objects down. remains sticky for an alarmingly long time..

The brand name version (possibly all versions, I am not sure as it has been a long time since i had to buy more, my ball is still sticky) is BluTack.

Manufacturer is Bostik. Comes in flat cardboard packages. Best way to remove is roll,roll,roll.

thanks to simonc.

From back of packet: "Clean, safe and easy to use, Blu-Tack provides an easy alternative to drawing pins and sticky tapes with hundreds of uses around the home, office or school environment." The brand name is actually Blu-Tack.

Old blu-tack can be revived by rolling it between your hands for a while. Maybe something to do with heat or oil from your hands... I have no idea how it's sticky. It's just cool like that.

Can be used to hold bigger things up - but beware of trying to stick smooth things or smooth surfaces. It doesn't work very well (I stuck a pair of lightweight active speakers in a corner above my bed with blu-tack... thought it was nifty until they fell down...luckily my bed was there to stop them smacking against the floor...)

To remove little bits of blu-tack left over when you remove a big wad from the wall, get a nice big blob of the stuff and rub or roll it over the left-over fragments, which will then be assimilated into the blob. It can also (according to the packet) be removed with lighter fuel or dry cleaning fluid. Just don't smoke while you're doing it, I guess...

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