Blossom Dearie, notable jazz pianist and vocalist, was born to Henry and Margreta Dearie on April 28, 1926. As you can tell, "Blossom Dearie" is in fact her real name, and not a nickname (which is a little known fact). With or without a stage name, Blossom went on to have an incredible and varied career; and even though she's now at an age where many singers bow out of the game, she is (as of this writing) still staging live performances.**

Think you've never heard her sing? Guess again. If you've ever heard Schoolhouse Rock's "Figure Eight" or "Unpack Your Adjectives," you were in fact listening to Blossom Dearie.

Of course, Blossom's performances of signature jazz standards are also well known, critically acclaimed, and definitely worth checking out, if you enjoy jazz. In particular, I recommend her version of Someone to Watch Over Me. And if my recommendation doesn't stir you, consider that even Miles Davis loved Blossom, saying "She's the only white woman who ever had soul".

** And I'm really pissed that I'm going to be arriving in NYC just in time to miss one, and leaving just in time to miss the other. Argh! :-\

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