Simple game to play on rainy days when you can't find anything to read on E2 besides wrestling nodes and Windows error messages.

As you may have noticed, each node on E2 has an individual id, which forms part of the url. So this node has the id number 1133878 , giving this writeup a url of :
So from here, all you need to do to see your birthday node is change the node_id value to your birthday. Mine is the 24th of October, 1977, so I just change the URL to
which takes me to a fascinating Webster definition of fencing terminology. Hooray! Not only have I temporarily averted the inherent boredom which sucks all joy out of my existance at every waking moment, but now at dinner parties I can discuss foinery and broadsword play with fencing experts. Huzzah!

And the fun doesn't stop there! Oh no, because you can then jumble the numbers around to produce evern more nodes, such as 771024, which gives the URL of
leading me to Macco's Razor, which I can then use to amuse any logicians at the dinner party.


If your birthday node is that of another noder, you are legally obliged to marry them. Seriously. It's actually in the Terms Of Service, which is legally binding.

Man I can't wait until some hot chick who was born on 69/77/63 starts noding...

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