An italian bubble gum brand, named after the italian phonetical transcription of the words "Big Bubble". It was produced since the 70's by a company named "Perfetti" located somewhere near Milan. It is still very widely spread among younger kids, because of the excessively sweet and artificial cherry taste, the incredibly strong pink color and the plus size, good enough to make bubbles of 10-15 cm in diameter (that's more or less 5' - 6') and enough to have your jaws aching the day after if you're not used to chewing it.

Big Babols are a constant of 70's and 80's nostalgia among generation X and generation Y's members; they had wonderful, american-looking ads with beatiful majorettes munching them in font of the Golden gate bridge and/or the Statue of Liberty running on all kid magazines, from Topolino to the leftist ones like Linus (yes, in Italy we had leftist and rightist comics for kids).

If you try eating them when you're adult, you won't probably like them very much (tey are not exactly fine italian food) and people will frown at you. That's because Real men chew Daygum.

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