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Following lometa suggestion, I post this in my home node here. In case of questions, just /msg me.

I have a proposal for a way to support Everything2 by putting our own web sites together and exchanging text ads with each other.

- A number of Everythingians with a personal website join the circuit
- To join the circuit you simply add a piece of HTML on some of your personal pages
- Every time someone visits one of those sites, an ad from one of the other sites is displayed. so (for instance) when someone visits my home page, they might see an ad for you own site
- Every time an ad is displayed, you gain 0.75 credits. Every time you have at least one credit, the system spends it by showing your ad on some other site. this means that credit allocation is fair (the more impressions you give, the more you have back)
- You'll notice that you don't gain one credit per impression you give, but only 0.75. The remaining 0.25 goes to the network's advertising and we use the revenues to foot the bills. as I'm an admin for the network, I'd like to donate this 0.25 credits (or part of it, surely all of it while we start) to a text ad about everything2.
- In the end, if 1,000 people se the text ad on your site, you'll have 750 impressions back for your own site that are shown on other everythingians' sites, and you donate 250 impressions to a text ad advertising everything2.

This means:
Advantages for you
- You advertise your home site on other everythingians sites. This works like a web ring, kind of, but you have more visibility.
- You can change your text ad in a matter of seconds
- You donate impressions to Everything2

Advantages for Everything:
- Everything gets a number of impressions and maybe new visitors

I think that - unless the circuit should get quite big in terms of impressions per day - I can talk admins at popk into donating 100% of leftover impressions to Everything2.

The circuit - it's almost empty, now - is here: