Bert Weedon OBE, British guitarist. 1920 - 2012

"I wouldn't have felt the urge to press on without the tips and encouragement that Bert's book 'Play in a Day' gives you. I've never met a player of any consequence that doesn't say the same thing." - Eric Clapton

Some say he is one of the most influential British guitarists and pop composers during the 1950s and 60s. Born in London on May 10th 1920, Bert began learning the guitar at age 12. The first British guitarist in the Hit Parade, with "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" in 1959, he was a great influence on many of today's big names, including Eric Clapton, Brian May, Mike Oldfield, Peter Frampton, The Shadows and the Beatles (possibly excluding Ringo).

As well as than his many hits and TV appearances at a crucial time in modern British music history, his best-known contribution to British guitar style is his tutorial guide "Play in a Day", which many stars claim was a major influence on their learning and playing.

His playing style focuses on rhythm as well as melody, and is itself influenced by the jazz guitarists of the 1950s. Bert placed a lot of emphasis on control of tone, and wanted to make the guitar the star of his music. He won, and his name was synonymous with the guitar for a whole generation of young music fans.

Modest, gentle and unassuming, he is a far cry from the modern guitar hero. A Water Rat, he is highly active in charity work and fundraising, especially for children and the disabled, and was elected King Rat in 1992. He was awarded the OBE in 2001 for his services to entertainment and charities.

His playing style is best known nowadays through the music of The Shadows, especially Hank Marvin - the fat, rhythmic guitar twangs could have come from Bert's own hands. Sadly, he died on April 20, 2012.

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