British Legends was a MUD that was hosted on the CompuServe system. To be specific, it was a customised version of MUD1 running on a DC-10 that was started in 1985. It had been altered to remove what were known as American Traps.

The object of the game was to trapse around The Land and solve puzzles (to do so often required cooperation between players) in order to obtain items designated as Treasure (T). Dumping T in the swamp converted it into points that boosted your level. Points could also be gained by killing NPCs and other players.

To reach each level, players had to gain double the previous level's amount of points. Although regular deaths were temporary, causing the player to lose all his items and awake in the Elizabethan Tearoom, all a player's hard work was wiped away when he was killed by another player. This is one of the reasons that I never progressed past Superhero. The other was that playing the game was expensive: I had to pay for the phone calls and CompuServe's hourly fee.

CompuServe pulled the plug on British Legends in 1999. It can still be played for free, however, at <telnet:british-legends.com:27750>. You can play MUD2 online at <http://mud2.com/>, but this costs money.

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