Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer of The Go-Go's, an all-woman musical group founded in Los Angeles in 1978. Their first album, "Beauty and the Beat", topped the charts in 1981. You couldn't go to a mall without hearing her crooning over the loudspeakers.

Unlike manufactured groups like The Monkees, The Go-Go's wrote their own music and played their own instruments from the start. They had a string of hits until the group broke up in 1985.

Belinda decided to go solo, and some of The Go-Go's fans still believe this is the cause of the band's demise. She had even better success as a single act, hitting several number one singles including "Mad About You" and the ubiquitous "Heaven Is a Place On Earth". Her tunes appeared in many movies and videos.

The Go-Go's received a star on the Walk of Fame. This was special to Belinda because she was born in Hollywood in 1958. She branched out to becoming a NY Times bestselling author with her book about her life as a musician.

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