The Bare Necessities is an excellent BBC game show, where two teams of professionals compete for survival in the remote wilderness, watched over by presenter Ed Hall and survival expert Hugh McManners.

As the 5-day ordeal progresses the teams are awarded points for their accomplishments and their attitude. The teams are expected to build a shelter on the first day and regular tasks include cooking, and eating, various local wildlife. Not a show for vegetarians as the menu usually includes cute bunnies and reptiles.

On the fifth day, all the points are added up and these give one team a head start in the final showdown - an obstacle course requiring both speed and teamwork. The winning team is whisked away to a 5-star hotel; the losers, on the other hand, have to spend another night in the wilderness.

The second series of The Bare Necessities is currently being shown at 8:00pm on Thursdays on BBC2.

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