Clannad's sixteenth album, this album reached the top of the US "World Music" chart, thanks to "I Will Find You."

Released in 1993.

1.) Na Laethe Bhí
2.) Banba Óir
3.) There For You
4.) Mystery Game
5.) Struggle
6.) I will Find You
7.) Soul Searcher
8.) Caidé Sin Do'n Té Sin
9.) The Other Side
10.) Sunset Dreams
11.) A Gentle Place

In Irish mythology, one of the three women Goddess-type figures associated with Ireland.

According to this mythology, the Milesians (essentially, the first Gaels) arrived in Ireland from the north of Spain, and found the island inhabited by the Tuatha De Dannan, a race of god-like people (later known as the sidhe, daoine sidhe, etc.) A king amongst these people had three daughters: Banba, Eriu, and Fodla.

At various times, these three daughters have represented the "spirit" of the Irish people, and have also given their names to the Island. (The modern Irish name for the country, Éire, is derived from Eriu.) Initially, however, Banba had the stronger association with Ireland.

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