Banana Boat

Equal parts of; Tia Maria, Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps & Myers Rum Cream

Layer in exact order into a Shot or Pony glass

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Like other common water toys such as noodles, floaties, and moJoe^H^H^H^H^Hrafts, banana boats are a lesser know entity, though much, much more frinky.

Banana boats are approximately 5-7 feet long and are made out of plastic, like an inner tube. They are colored yellow and brown (like a banana). They are best described as approximating a demented cross between a malformed canoe and a banana split without the ice cream. The people who ride the banana sit in the split in the banana. It all sounds fairly normal up to this point. However, the evil creators of this contraption designed the banana boat in such a way, that it was more tipsy than a stereotypical college student on their 21st birthday. Honest.

(This was a fond memory from childhood, so forgive inaccuracy in my remembering. I mean, when I was 7, my Dad was 10 feet tall, right? *grin*)

Forgive my personal digression, but I had a lot of good memories about those banana boats. My fambly and I used to drive to Minnesota to visit my cousins at their house on a lake. My cousins, sisters, and I would all try to get in banana boats, one or two at a time, and try to paddle out to a raft out on the lake. I say "out on the lake" because that's what the 7 year old in my head tells me, but in reality it was probably twenty feet from the shore. We tried again and again to make it from the shore in our not-so-seaworthy boats. We never made it. Not once. I wonder if we ever made it five feet. We were so small that to paddle, we had to lean over to the side of the banana boat to dip our hands in the water to get the boat to go. leaning over...tip...tip...*splash*. *mgrin*. And that was only if we could get in the bananas. I wouldn't have played 10 to 1 odds on any of us even getting in a boat, let alone getting anywhere in it. Much much fun...and like all good things, was utterly useless. I look back now and I realise that I wish I could have the same childhood innocent joy. That I could realise that it didn't matter that the banana boats didn't go anywhere, and that you tipped and fell every few seconds, that it was just about enjoying the moment. I wish I could have taken more of that attitude with me.)

Banana boat is an ab workout.

To preform it, follow the steps below:

  1. Lie on your stomach.
  2. Stretch your arms and legs straight out and slightly up, lifting most of the rest of your body off the floor (this is the "Boat" position).
  3. Turn to your back while keeping your arms and legs elevated (the "Banana" position).
  4. Turn back, keeping yourself above the ground.
  5. Repeat as necessary.

Starting on banana or boat first is simply preference.

It may be noted that when doing this in a group, the usual "One... Two... Three..." is replaced with "Banana... Boat... Banana..."

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