A drinking game, similar to a relay race, played between two teams.

To play, form two teams of equal numbers. Each team member stands in a line, facing the members of other team. Each team member is given a vessel full of an alcoholic beverage, usually beer. At a predetermined signal, the first player on each team begins chugging their beer. When the first person is finished, the next person on the team may begin chugging. The first team in which all members have emptied their vessels wins. In many boat races, each player has the option of dumping the beverage on his or her head. This effectively empties the vessel, allowing the next player to begin. It is also dishonorable. Then again, there is little if any honor in losing.

The reward for the winning team is usually a punishment of the losing team; this often involves making the losers drink even more alcohol even more quickly. This tends to have a knock-on effect if many rounds are played; once a team starts losing, it tends to continue losing until passing out.

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