Canadian Football League team that was originally called the Baltimore Colts and then the Baltimore CFL Colts and then the Baltimore CFLs. The Irsay family, who owned the Indianapolis Colts and moved the NFL Baltimore Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984, sued the team and the name was changed to the Baltimore Stallions.

The team joined the CFL in 1994 along with two other American teams; the Las Vegas Posse and the Shreveport Pirates. Baltimore lost the 1994 Grey Cup Championship to the British Columbia Lions, but won the 1995 Grey Cup by beating the Calgary Stampeders. This was the first time an American team won the Grey Cup.

The team received great support in Baltimore until the old Cleveland Browns announced their move to Baltimore. The old Cleveland Browns became the Baltmore Ravens, and the Baltimore Stallions moved to Montreal and became the Montreal Alouettes.

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