Babyshambles is the side project of Libertines Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Modern day poet Pete Doherty.

The idea was to release one single a month for the next twelve months, but that plan may have to be put aside given Pete's appetite for hard drugs (at the time of writing Pete has spent two spells in London's priory clinic in the last month, and is currently on his way to Thailand in an attempt to kick the habit... fingers crossed).


1 - Babyshambles (Single) - May 2004

1. Babyshambles
2. At The Flophouse
3. What Katie Did (Demo) - (CD Only)

This single was released, limited edition, on two formats - 7" Vinyl (1000 copies) and CD (2000 copies). It sold out upon it's release and reached number 32 in the English chart.

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