Name: Avatar
Portal: 3000

Races include: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, Giant, Ogre, Griffon, Dragon, Lizard Man, Kzinti (cat warrior), Troll, Troglodyte, Drow (elf), Gnome, Deep Gnome, Duergar, Sprite, Centaur, Gargoyle and Halfling. Most of these have innate racial abilities.

Classes include: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Rogue, and Psionicist. The Ranger class was recently retired, and a Sorcerer class is currently in the testing phase. All classes have assorted skills, with more attained after each level.

Includes mortal levels 1-59, hero levels 1-999, lord levels 1-999, a special non-competitive Angel level of involvement and various assorted Immortals (programmers).

Newbies can travel through a MUD school; experienced (that is, severely addicted, red-eyed drooling veteran) MUDders can bypass that school and dive in clawed-feet first.




AVATAR Mud is a Diku MUD established on August 8, 1995. Originally hosted on, it has moved to I started playing in February 1998, and have not stopped since. One of my earliest memories was my first character dying to a stag in the Meadow. Not because I was outmatched, exactly, but because I was curious to see what happens when my hit points hit zero.

Death happens!

Thankfully, a helpful Angel by the name of Rembrandt guided me when I took a wrong turn off the clouds and was a far, far distance from my corpse with all my gear. That was the first of many, many deaths, with my favorite character being a Sprite Mage with a handful of hit points...

AVATAR Mud is a free family-friendly game for all ages. It prides itself on one of the best mud schools around, with a newbie-friendly playerbase. There is no player killing and there are both NPC and Immortal run quests. Come join us... and wage war to protect this Realm from the other Planes...

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