My name is Berhardt Goats. Friends call me Behr. My day has been long because I work MANY jobs and you are filled with sloth and sloth leads to injustice. You will know these things in the final accounting by White God.

I will tell you a story that is an anecdote. Not sure if you are familiar with the terms. This place filled with rats now. People who squeal to the pigs when I come into their house to slaughter their family and take control of their homestead through an act of eminent domain, which I qualify for per Jeff Sessions (good friend from cribbage). We have cleared the way for me to seize about fourteen acres of prime real estate just outside of Baltimore (the Queen City) where property values are high (I make a lot of money through being a businessman, which is now acknowledged as the only useful career in America per White God Trump (have not met but went to his college for my degree and now I am a fully tenured professor of ethics at a for profit college in town. Hard work pays off if you aren't being what the kids on the Internet (thing you are on other than drugs) are calling "a Nancy boy." Which is dissimilar from Nancy Drew (popular children's stories about meddling girl with crotch rot who interferes with white man business on a regular basis. Business MAN, people. They call it that for a reason. It is a calling.

We have begun the construction of the Future Workhouses of Amerca where those who are not working hard enough will be herded into pens and forced to work sixteen hour days, seven days a week, until they die. Beatings will be administered and you will be expected to fulfill all of your superiors' desires. And when you are in the workhouse, everyone is superior to you. Understand this because it is morning in America again. The poor and sick will be punished for dragging us down when Japan is doing very well.

My friend Harry "Ball Sack" Jones and I were attenting an important white nationalist seminar taught by a man in a sharp-looking suit (the only real measure of a man's value is in how many fine suits he owns - everything else is utter hogwash as far as determing a person's valye to society). We hung on every word and then we noticed some people looking in our direction. As you know, I am the product of a mixed-up marriage in which my father, a pure Aryan German who served in the upper echelons of the German government in the 1930s and 1940s and my mother, a Palestinian terrorist with a dangerous vagina. This makes me a little less that white in some people's eyes, but I get a LOT of street cred when they find out what my father did for a living before becoming a spy who then probably got shot because he'd be about 115 now and Jesus Christ is that old. I bet he got killed by a Soviet spy girl with tits.

Ball Sack Jones is quite a guy and he's so named because he has huge balls. Whenever we shower together and I handle those boulders I'm amazed at how big they are compared to mine. He asked me to kiss them once but I only "go gay" for top level white nationalists with clout. Ball Sack has no clout and so no kissing down there will go on. You must live by standards and I have some.

The point of my day was to make a point because I have a lot of work to do. 

You people had NO IDEA how difficult my life was because of government regulations, which will ALL be dismantled by the end of Trump's second term. I can promise you that. I have worked on the platform for his re-election and it included important point I fully support. The end of all government regulations and OSHA, which pisses me off because they wouldn't let me seal my workers at Civil War Action Figures, Ltd. into a steel room with no ventilation so they'd work harder (before running out of air if they finished their work they would be let out - this is a great motivational tool). I am a motivator of workers and I am NOT afraid to beat them. I have prisoners in my basement. I do things to them your mother would be horrified for but it is necessary for the Americans to end liberalism once and for all and create a dynamic, business state in which all the people work ALL THE TIME.

So, I am working on that, as well as being the keynote speaker at something in September where I will be awarded an award for teaching non-liberal ethics. I also receive a stipend (you can look that up).

I am also still the best guitarist you've ever seen and I have oil paintings hanging in my garage I made that I will sell to YOU for six millions dollars. Of course, if you are poor and not a businessman, you will not see the value.

I am thankful.

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