At Last the 1948 Show, was a 1967-1968 television satire show. It was produced by David Frost's production company and aired on ITV in the UK.

Frost approached former Cambridge Footlights members John Cleese, Graham Chapman, and Tim Brooke-Taylor, than appearing the radio show, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again about the show. Joining them in the cast were Marty Feldman, who was primarily a writer with no acting experience until then and "The Lovely" Aimi MacDonald. 11 of the 13 original episodes have been destroyed; the other two were rescued by Cleese, because he was aware that this was happening. All the audio from the entire series still exists.

Two sketches from the show Four Yorkshiremen and The Bookshop sketch were remade by the Monty Python team, years later. Surviving footage from a series of compilation shows which aired in Sweden were released on DVD and are incorrectly labeled as the original episodes.

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