No, really. Like the old (read: dumb) saying, "Don't assume, it makes an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'", Assassinate really does make an ass out of ass, I, and Nate.
Think about this for a minute.

Now, here are the reasons you don't want to assassinate, based on that statement.
  1. "Makes an ass out of ass" .. This is pointless. This part is the identity function of ass.
    Ass = Ass
    So, basically, this is stating the absolute obvious, and nobody likes people who do that.
  2. "Makes an ass out of I" .. Besides being grammatically incorrect, this statement is not a very pleasant one. I don't like being made an ass of.
  3. "Makes an ass out of Nate" .. Now, normally, this would be silly and nonsensical, but here on e2, Nate is god. Making an ass out of Nate is an extremely, really, terribly BAD idea, I think.

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