Upon preparing for a meeting at my former place of employment, a program manager was going over the facts and figures on Mac users that recent surveys had yielded (about a year into the iMac release at this time). From what they could determine, Mac users:
  • Tend to be teenaged to mid-thirties
  • Tend not be married and/or have children
  • Tend to be living in urban city areas
  • Tend not to live in the south or midwest
  • Tend to be more artistic types, and are more concerned with looks than technical aspects of computers

When asked for his analysis of these facts and figures, the program manager could only offer one thing in his defense:

"Mac users are less likely to believe in God."

We could only help but chuckle at his strange collation of the numbers in front of him.

"...And this is the part of the presentation where I start to pull shit out of my ass."

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