Ashford / Áth na Fuinseoige is a small village in Ireland. It has a large road going through the centre of it.
The most interesting things in Ashford are the hot chips with mind-altering vinegar, and the shop that sells teeth-rotting sweets, not to mention anything else the modern household requires.
It also has two prominent bus-stops, reflecting most young Ashford-ers' main desires: to leave. Soon. Please.

In addition to being a village in Eire, my road atlas of the United Kingdom lists five Ashfords in England, and I would imagine that with the American penchant for giving places British names (especially in New England) that there are a fair few Ashfords in the US.

The largest English Ashford seems to be the one in Kent, which is located about 15 miles from Canterbury, the ancient capital of the county, and a similar distance from Folkestone, a port town which is the British end of the channel tunnel. A quick search on Google has provided a few fascinating facts about Ashford:

Apart from that it has to be said that Ashford seems to be a fairly ordinary small satellite town of London. Still, if any of the 50k residents of Ashford should ever be reading this feel free to correct my impression of the place if I'm wrong.

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