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According to the Ethnologue, Aragonés is another name for Aragonese, and is the name of both a dialect of Spanish and a separate language of its own, both spoken in Aragon (part of Spain).

After a short amount of research, I have compiled the World's Smallest Aragonese-English Dictionary:

  • paxina - page
  • güeb - Web
  • correo-e - E-mail

Here are some short yet useful Aragonese phrases to add to the Dictionary, without meaning to rob it of it's fame for being the smallest.

  • Que te den, macho! - May you be intruded from behind.
  • Quien te ha da'o una bella pa' este entierro? - Who gave you a candle for this funeral. (meaning: Mind your own business).
  • Me cagüen las bragas de la Virgin del Pilar y en los pañuelos del niño Jesú! - I shite upon the undergarments of the Virgin of the Pilar (the Cathedral in Zaragoza, capital of Aragon) and in the nappies of the baby Jesus

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