Sharing a bungalow for a few days with one dude who's got a cold, and another who's a sympathetic cougher. Noding for a quick mental escape from these petty distractions of life.

A few days ago, Montag commented in the catbox that his patio has no escalator (I have no recollection of the context calling forth this statement), which gave me a vision of a novel arrangement for a restaurant-- picture an escalator, but instead of each step being a normal stairstep (the sort simply big enough to stand upon), each 'step' is a perhaps ten by ten foot platform, tiled with rustic peach-colored patio-tiles, with a white-clothed table at its center. Each platforms would be set a few inches higher then the next (and lower than the last) and each would inch ever so slowly up their grade, maybe rising one foot every minute. And so, over the course of the meal the patrons (who had begun at the 'ground' level) would be elevated to better and better view of surrounding scenery -- perhaps escalating while going around a curve at the same time. With a restaurant table on each platform, this would create a slow-rising fine-dining experience.

Elsewhere in the catbox, Zeph typoed a reference to fled noders as "flen noders" -- which I propose means that from now on noders who've been gone for years shall be referred to as "flen noders." Or just "flens" for short. This lays the groundwork for flen jokes....

Two flens walk into a bar.... no, wait, that was in 2003.

How many flens does it take to change a light bulb? Dude, that bulb's been out since 2003.

Why did the flen cross the road? To get to the other side. Back in '03.

What do you get when you cross a flen with a snow leopard? A snow leopard who hasn't shown up here in eight years.

Knock knock!! Who's there? Flen!! Flen who? .... .... .... (eight years later) .... .... ....

In auditing news:

Tem42 -- on page 27 out of 36
The Custodian -- on page 22 out of 39. (still)

My last writeup was over 6 years ago. How time flies. I was an editor here, and now I barely know how the site works anymore. So many new names and new ways of doing things. I've checked in from time to time, but I didn't check in enough. Somehow, E2 was frozen in time in my mind, and my friends would always be there, and it'd always be this place I remembered

Life happened fast and time passed quickly. I moved to Australia in 2009 to be with Virtualwolf, and we got married. Since then it's been a blur of working and moving and occasional travel, but my friends and life and love can always be traced back to this little site. I may not know most of the people here now, but one of you is gone. I think it's hit some of us old timers hard because we've wandered off and assumed that E2 will always be the same,  the same E2 we played on when we were in college in the mid 2000s. 

But it's not - time passes here just like anywhere else.

Time passes for people.

It's a harsh reality that no place and no one is safe from time passing, but I wanted to stop in and say I am damn thankful for the people I've met here.

My thoughts and love are with wertperch and all of those touched closely by the passing of Christine.

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