Canada's answer to Lollapalooza. A big music fest started and headlined by the Tragically Hip, but including lots of other musical talent. The other bands are mostly (but not always) semi-famous Canadian bands unheard of south of the border.

Other bands that have played at Another Roadside Attraction include:

Rumor has it that there will be another tour soon. I really hope that happens.

The best damn diner in Dutchess County, NY.

Contained within its humble walls is the by far the best diner fare I've ever eaten... Things not to miss: homemade corn muffins, an incredible pie selection and yummy sweet potato fries. You also won't be able to miss the largest collection of pez dispensers I've ever seen all in one place.

The only true problem to the place is its very limited hours... open only for breakfast and lunch it makes for a college student's nightmare - too far off the beaten path to get to during the week, and sometimes damn hard to wake up in time for on the weekends. Nonetheless, when you manage it you'll feel proud in the heart and happy in the stomach.

Another Roadside Attraction is located about 10 miles outside of Red Hook, NY north on Route 109 just past Rock City, NY.

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