More than just another latin band, Los Lobos is the premier band from East LA. I first heard Los Lobos in 1988 on WXRT in Chicago. Their fans are known as Loboheads and are loyal to the band the way Deadheads were loyal to the Dead.

Louie Perez -Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
David Hidalgo -Guitars, Accordion, Fiddle, Banjo, Percussion, Vocals
Cesar Rosas - Guitars, Bajo Sexto, Vocals
Conrad Lozano - Bass Guitar, Guitarron
Steve Berlin - Saxophones, Keyboards, Flute
Victor Bissetti - Drums, Percussion

Los Lobos LP Discography

Sí Se Puede! 1976
Los Lobos Del Este De Los Angeles (Just another band from East L.A.)1978
"...and a time to dance.] 1983 - won a Grammy Award for Best Mexican American Performance For the song Anselma
How Will the Wolf Survive? 1984
By the Light of the Moon 1987
La Pistola y El Corazón 1988 - won a Grammy Award for Best Mexican American Performance for the song La Pistola Y El Corazón
The Neighborhood 1990
Kiko 1992
Just Another Band From East L.A. - A Collection 1993
Papa's Dream (with Lalo Guerrero) 1995
Colossal Head 1996
This Time 1999
Good Morning Aztlan 2002
The Ride 2004
Ride This - The Covers EP 2004
Live at the Fillmore 2005
Acoustic En Vivo 2005
The Town and the City 2006
Los Lobos Goes Disney 2009
Tin Ca Trust 2010
Disconnected in New York City 2013

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