A super-hero published by DC Comics. The Tarantula first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #1 in October 1941.

The Tarantula was the costumed identity of John Law, a writer who lived in New York. A successful novelist, Law began to research the world of the "mystery men," those masked vigilantes who had begun to appear in the world.

His research brought him into contact with Dian Belmont, a novelist in her own right. Belmont was the girlfriend of Wesley Dodds, the original Sandman. Law deduced that Belmont was in some way connected with the Sandman and tracked them down, witnessing Belmont become injured while disguised as the Sandman.

Using a costume design that Belmont had shown him, Law created a costumed identity of his own. Calling himself the Tarantula, sought to bring the criminals to justice. Armed with his "web gun" that shot a line with which he could swing and boots that allowed him to walk up walls, the Tarantula defeated the criminals with the help of the Sandman. Dodds, as the Sandman, told Law that Belmont had been killed to protect his identity and her involvement with him.

For many years, the Tarantula fought crime. He became a member of the All-Star Squadron and adventured with them. Eventually, though, the strain of crime fighting caused Law to hang up his costume.

Law lives today in the city of Bludhaven, in a building owned by Dick Grayson, who adventures as Nightwing. Law lives a meager existence, having been "black-listed" during the late 1950's due to his refusal to reveal what he knew about the identities of the mystery men.

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