Anna Sui is an international designer who'd had a passion for fashion since she was very young. She was born in 1955, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to New York after high school to attend Parsons School of Design. While there, Sui became close friends with Steven Meisel, who would go on to become a top fashion photographer. After finishing at Parson's, Sui worked for several sportswear companies. In 1980 she brought six of her own pieces to a show, and was noticed by Macy's. She soon began her own business, operating out of her apartment through most of the decade.

In 1991 she had her first runway show, which proved a tremendous hit. She moved her business to the Garment District in New York and eventually owned her own boutique in the SoHo district. In 1993, she won the CFDA Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. Her boutiques began to show up in parts of Asia and in L.A. , and she premiered her own shoe line in 1997. In 1999 she launched a cosmetic line and created a fragrance known as "Sui Dreams."

Sui's style, in general, could be considered fashionably goth- I find it edgy and attractive, with a touch of hippie appeal. Her celebrity clients include Patricia Arquette, Cher, Christina Ricci, Sofia Coppola, Courtney Love and James Iha.

About all I can really afford of Sui's these days is her perfume, which I like. Also, she really likes the colors purple and red.

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