Angel Bliss

3/4 oz. Wild Turkey Liqueur,
1/4 oz. each;
Bacardi 151
Blue Curacao

Layer in order, into a Pony or Shot glass

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Your smiling lips.
Your glowing glance.

They remind me of a time that used to be, when my heart spoke of you.

Your personality is so wonderful and sweet.
Every day I hope for you to meet me as more than friends.

That was wishful thinking on my part.

For I will never say of how I see beauty in your eyes, greater than the gentle kiss of the rising sun, as it brightens your face leaving a soft glow.
Even with the thought of you so great in my mind, the gift of your love I will never know.

If only time would bend to the beat of my heart, and let me know you in a time of cheer.
Where hope and faith would be forever near.

My soul would give you the man you truely deserve.
The sweet words and true love I had I reserve...

For an Aphrodite I love as much as you.

A Nibbs Production

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