And One are a synth-pop / darkwave group from Germany who have achieved a modest but respectable amount of fame throughout their tenure, especially in the goth / industrial underground.

The band formed in 1989 after Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz met in a discotheque in Berlin, where aggressive but highly rhythmic new beat / electronic body music groups from Belgium such as Front 242, BiGod 20, and the Lords of Acid were carving out a sizeable niche for themselves. Ruiz and Naghavi were also fans of more marketable synth-pop, such as New Order and Depeche Mode. They decided to work together to produce music with influences of all of these genres, and with a single drum machine and two keyboards, began to take the world of German electro by storm. They produced their first single, "Metalhammer", in 1990, on Machinery Records.

After a fairly-strong reception on the club circuit, Ruiz and Naghavi added a third member, Alex Two, and together they released their first album, Anguish. For this they were awarded the title of 'Germany"s Best New Artist' in 1991. As a protest to U.S. involvement in Iraq, the group released an anti-war song, 'Aus dem Traum,' and donated a portion of the profits to Greenpeace.

And One released their sophomore album in 1992, FLOP, which featured their plucky, tongue-in-cheek hit, 'Techno Man.' It would continue to be played in heavy rotation for a long time to come. Chris Ruiz left shortly after its production and Joke Jay joined the band to work on its Monotonie EP. In 1993, they put out the somewhat-more commercial Spot with the single 'Life Isn't Easy in Germany,' a bit of op-ed on the recently reunified country. Alex Two left soon after and was replaced by Rick Schah, who worked on the band"s next album, i.s.t., released in 1994. A year later, And One released its second most popular single, 'Deutschmaschine.'

Differences and disputes led the band to leave its signing with Machinery and join the ranks of Virgin Records. With them they released the single "Sometimes", followed by the album "Northlive" (Nordhausen) in 1997. That year they also released their best OF album, which contained most of their popular singles. In 1999 the group released Maschinenstuermer, 9.9.99, and the single 'Get you Closer.' A new group member, Annelie Bertilsson, arrived in 2000, and with her And One produced the album Virgin Superstar and a single, 'Wasted.' In 2001 they released another protest song, 'Amerika Brennt,' (America Burns) followed up in 2003 with 'Krieger' (Warrior) and its latest album, Aggressor, on EMI.

Currently, And One's works are distributed in the U.S. by Metropolis Records.

Metalhammer -- Modern Music
Anguish -- Machinery
FLOP -- Machinery
Nordhausen -- Virgin
Sometimes -- Virgin
9.9.99 -- Virgin
i.s.t. -- Import
Virgin Superstar -- Virgin
Aggressor -- EMI

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