A German phrase meaning "and so forth." It can be used in many contexts to convey basically what is the English equivalent of etc.

Ich finde meine Mutter sehr blöd, gross, langweilig, und so weiter. This literally translates as:

I find my mother to be very dumb, fat, boring, etc.

It holds equal meaning of course as the phrase "and so forth," even though it's most common usage is as etc.

Also, du sehst dass ich muss den Müll sortieren, die Fenster putzen, meine Zimmer aufräumen, und so weiter.

In this phrase I said:

Well, you see that I have to sort the garbage for recycling, clean the windows, clean my room, and so forth.

In this case the phrase is separate from the rest of the sentence and is not part of the string of things to do. The string of things to do finishes with Aufräumen, so und so weiter is a separate clause in the sentence, whereas in the first example it was not only of a different meaning but also in a different grammatical placement in the sentence. It is a very flexible phrase, set of words, clause, und so weiter.

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