In the spirit of the anti-cigarette ads made by Big Tobacco companies, I thought of two advertisements to dissuade people from drinking.

The first will take place in a bar. One lonely man will remain after closing time. The bar tender says his line, "This one's on the house," and a pathetic, depressed man a la Barney from the Simpsons will burp. He will say to himself, "I'm so miserable, and this beer will make it worse. I'll drink anyway. By the way, this is a Budweiser." -Fade out.- As you can see, no subtlety in this one. Here's the next:

A group of attractive, young people will be gettin' down in a night club. Hot girls will grind on American Eagle posterboy males, and a hip DJ in sunglasses will be shown amidst wild partygoers and sexual innuendo. The camera winds into the bathroom, where we see a handsome twenty-something man in the stall, balling his eyes out. He'll have a Smirnoff Ice or a Mike's Hard Lemonade in his hand. He scratches the label off of it and, amidst sobs, says, "I want my wife. I get drunk and spend the night with one girl, and she leaves me for I'll show her...I'll get with the next girl I see." -Fade to black screen.- Words "Intelligent party life?" flash on the screen.

Note: I don't advocate the use of or abstenance from alcohol. I just thought I might see these types of ads soon.

Cletus the Foetus has informed me that Labatt has begun to air anti-alcohol ads in Canada.

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