Health Education Board for Scotland, a group set up to promote awareness of health issues. Involved in campaigns against smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as various other schemes including oral, mental and physical health promotion.

A look at the HEBS website ( reveals these current campaigns:

Famous for its adverts on TV, the most recent of which is the Stinx anti-smoking campaign, featuring the three members of the fictional girl-band Stinx puffing on cigarettes and singing 'Why Do You Keep Running Boy?' to the accompaniment of assorted frantically fleeing males (Rumor has it that this song was possibly released or considered for release as a single due to its popularity!)

Other HEBS adverts have included the previous anti-smoking advert (a short cartoon featuring a planet full of cool blue beings who chewed on blue sticks which had various bad effects, and ending with the immortal words "This tastes boggin'!") and an anti-alcohol advert involving a guy making a fool of himself in front of a girl he fancies. All the adverts I've seen have been well-produced and watchable* although how efficiently they get their point across I'm not sure, since I rarely smoke or drink anyway...

HEBS also produces various leaflets, documents and promotional material apart from the above adverts.

* yes, I do critique the adverts I can be more interesting than the TV some of the time...

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