AMOR-this is the love of which the midaeval troubadours and others sang. This is not the love of a body for another body because of its Sexual Attractiveness or Sexual Power. Nor is this the love of the lone Dante for his distant Beatrice.

This is the love of two that finds its way through the eyes, those doorways to the soul, and is known not to be reliable.

But when understood, found only where there is no commerce or ecommerce, then the chains of doom recede, all is permitted, all is understood, all is forgiven.

Amazing Misuse Of Resources

A program that comes with kdetoys ( from the KDE project) that displays themeable animated characters on the title-bar of the active window. Unlike what the program title suggests, AMOR doesnt really take that many resources but it sure is pointless. It could usually be seen on desktops of people who want to be asked "Ohhh, what is that cute thing"

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