Amanda Walsh is an ex-MuchMusic VJ. She joined the music station in 2001, when she was only 19, and left in 2004. Because, alas, most VJs don't have much of a post-Much career, I felt the need to immortalize her in this very database before her memory was lost to the sands of time.

During her duration there, Amanda served as the host for MuchTopTens, a fluffy countdown show; MuchOnDemand, Much's Canadian answer to Total Request Live; Electric Circus, a dance music show; and Fandemonium, a disturbing reality TV show in the vein of Fear Factor where contests prove that they're the biggest fan of an artist by eating worms, among other things. She also served as the host of a variety of specials, including Young & Loaded, an analysis of wealthy celebrities and their lack of financial responsability, and the MuchMusic Video Awards, which are kind of like the MTV Video Awards except with a shoestring budget and, perhaps, some sort of actual respectable purpose (supporting Canadian music).

Amanda has had a variety of gigs outside of MuchMusic, too. In her younger days, she appeared on Canadian children's horror show Are You Afraid of the Dark, as well as the Canadian children's coming-of-age TV series My Hometown. More recently, she's been on The WB's Superman spin-off, Smallville. She also showed up in Oscar-winning director Denys Arcand's film, Stardom playing, ironically enough, a "Music Television Host". She's also done improv work as part of the improv troupe 8 People, gold medal winners at the 2000 Improv Games in Quebec. On a similar page, she did acting work for the Canadian Customs office, where customs officers in training had to analyze her performance as a citizen crossing the border to determine if she was a smuggler or not.

Amanda, at first glance, doesn't seem to be that interesting. Not much more than a pretty face, at least. But Amanda's bubbly personality masked a sharp wit and a cleverness beyond her years. When, one fine evening, she was introducing a video by Jojo, a twelve-year-old wunderkind pop singer, Ms. Walsh declared, "Here's one from Jojo, America's most talented fetus." This is what made Amanda so attractive to the male mind - she was cute, prim, pretty, and bubbly, and just a bit ditzy, and she never seemed like she was smarter than you, even though she was.

For the three years Amanda was at MuchMusic, she became the station's resident sex symbol, the successor to Rachel Perry (now on VH1). Now that she's left, the higher-ups at Much have picked new VJ Leah Miller to carry the torch. Personally, I don't like her half as much - she lacks Amanda's charm and wit, and really does seem like nothing more than a pretty face. Who knows, though. Maybe she'll grow on me, just like Amanda did.

On a more personal note, there's a chance I might have bought crêpes from her in Germany, during her brief stint selling the delectable dish at the 2000 Hannover World's Fair. I mean, it's a small chance. Pretty small. But, you know, it's kind of a nice thought.


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