All Shook Down: The Replacements, 1990 Sire

1. The Mats' final album, more of a solo album by Paul Westerberg than a real band album. It features a lot of session musicians, including John Cale of Velvet Underground fame, doing a string solo on "Sadly Beautiful"

2. "All Shook Down" Paul Westerberg, from album of the same name. A pun, of course, on "All Shook Up"

Underworld cops
shoot each other in bed
and I wouldn't go to see you
they put the checkbook to my head

Tinkertown liquors
emperor's chicken
some shit on the needle
like your record

The fifth gripping week
an absolute must
"one of the years
" ain't say'in much
throw'in us trunks
as we're starting to drown
we're all shook down

She don't do dance
and she don't do us
the black and white blues
oh yeah I got'em in color

The fifth gripping week
an absolute might
"one of the years
" in sight
they throw us trunks
says we're starting to drown
we're all shook down
all shook down

Praises they sing
a register rings
one of the time
that nobody brings
Praises they sing
Shake my hand as I drown
I'm all shook down
all shook down

A rather bitter look at the music industry, sung by a man at the end of his rope.

I got this record in a rather depressing way. I had asked for it for my fifteenth birthday; I was a rabid fan of a band that had already broken up. My favorite uncle had picked it up, and was going to give it to me for my birthday. Unfortunately, we found him dead of a heart attack the Tuesday before. That night, my mother gave me the gifts my uncle was going to bring, and All Shook Down was among them. I can't listen to it without thinking about death, and having this image of a rainy, spring day, the raindrops playing on the new leaves of the trees in Philadelphia. It may not make sense, but this is the album I listen to when I feel loss in some way, and for some reason, it makes me feel better.

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