Former songwriter/lead singer of Minneapolis band The Replacements.

All Shook Down the final, contractually obligated album that "The Replacements" released for Sire Records was actually the first Westerberg solo album. That was followed in 1992 by 2 solo songs on the soundtrack of the film Singles (he also scored the film). Since then he has recorded 3 solo albums: 14 Songs, Eventually and Suicaine. From what I've heard none of them have had the ingenuity and heart of the best songs he wrote for the 'mats.

I always think of Westerberg and Shane MacGowan of The Pogues, both incredible lyricists, great songwriters, and irrepressible drunks. Between them they wrote some incredible songs in the 1980's and proved you could be intelligent, loud and drunk (and the kids would love you).
They're just trying to get attention! Ignore them (at your peril).

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