The All Media Guide ( AMG ) is a family of internet databases of different mediums. Handy for research, settling arguments, or just wasting time. Conveniently, each has a straightforward name.

All Classical Guide ( )
Contains composers and compositions usually referred to as classical, with periods ranging from medieval to contemporary and genres from ballet to vocal.
All Game Guide ( )
Covers video games, characters, companies, and platforms. Not as complete as the others, but does include personal computers, and goes as far back as the 1970's.
All Movie Guide ( )
Similar to the IMDb, covers movies both domestic and import made since the invention of film, and the people that help make them. It even allows you to browse by country of origin.
All Music Guide ( )
Music not covered by All Classical, aka popular music, folk music, rock, jazz, etc. Anything recorded from the 1920's on.

Of course these sites aren't just databases, they also have a search engine, glossary, featured artists/albums/games, the ability to browse by genre, and reviews. One very handy feature is a subjective rating system. This system allows the user to search for an artist/album/movie/director etc. and find similar ones, or one slightly more "upbeat," or "darker." There are eight different categories in this system. The sites are also linked to retailers, making it easier for you to spend your money.

AMG ( ) is a division of Alliance Entertainment Corp. ( ).

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