This was a complete failure of a sequel to a good original work. In the vein of Pet Cemetary II, Children of the Corn 6, The Highlander Series, and of course, American Ninja XIV, the people putting this project together have taken a good original idea and thrown it completely out the window in favor of a new something that has nothing at all to do with what was originally presented. It's more sad than anything, but the entire film consists of Alice (now age 19, her beauty tempered by her frightful wit and easily accessible bed), driving from place to place, hanging out with the 'hip' kids in Wonderland, and playing weird pranks on neighbors and old rivals from various activities in her past. Midway through the movie she's hit by a butane truck, and only survives the explosion by not having her seatbelt buckled (thus the title), the rest of the movie consists of her struggle to find substance wihere there has been none in the past. In herself.

It almost sounds like a regular bad movie, but do not be deceived, it's as lame as It's Pat: The Movie, and way longer than it needs to be, clocking in at well over 2:30. In all actuality, I was ahem asleep for a good portion of it, as I got tired of seeing Alice taking so friggin' long to get her top off, and then I got tired of seeing Alice taking so long to reach for her morphine button. I'm gonna give this one a thumbs down. Don't go see it.

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