AFIT is like MIT or any other Institute of Technology, with two big differences: first, it's owned by the U.S. Air Force, and second, all of the courses focus on technical degrees as they relate to the DoD. If one is in the Air Force, one can apply to get an engineering master's or doctorate here, as long as the Air Force deems it beneficial to the total organization.

Physically, AFIT is located at Wright-Patterson AFB, just outside Dayton, Ohio. Within the chain of command, AFIT falls under Air University, which takes its orders from Air Education and Training Command, one of the ten MAJCOMs.

From their official web page, -

For over 80 years, the Air Force Institute of Technology has met the ever changing and challenging scientific, engineering, and technical management needs of the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense through its graduate and continuing education programs. Since its beginning, AFIT's organization and mission have been focused on exploiting the full potential of powered flight as an instrument of our national defense.

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