A really good 1993 book by Peter McWilliams about consensual, also known as victimless, crimes and why it is useless and wrong for these things to be illegal. Available on the Web at http://www.mcwilliams.com/books/aint/

In fact, we DO lock people up routinely for thinking differently from the -minority-. Try and figure that one out. The largest, most bloated and wasteful category of consensual crimes is, of course, recreational drug use. This is proven at length ad infinitum across the internet. Furthermore, there are states in this country that still hold the acts of sodomy and fellatio to be criminal offences. Prostitution is another good example.

Consensual crimes are not, as tim_three suggests, only activities that people believe -ought- to be illegal, they are actual CRIMES, with absurd penalties that cost taxpayers exorbitant amounts of money in correctional facilities, legal expenses, lost tax opportunities, and misinformation campaigns coupled with psychological warfare carried out against our own citizens.

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter the most.

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