The Ah-So is best described as a type of corkscrew, but calling it that would be misleading. There is no screw. Instead, the Ah-So has two skinny bits of metal attached to a handle, slightly curved along their length, which fit to either side of a cork in a wine bottle. Once you nudge the Ah-So into position, the cork comes out with a pull and a twist.

The main advantage of the Ah-So is it leaves the corks undamged, unlike a normal corkscrew which renders the cork useless if you need to use it for any crafts, science fairs, or home improvement projects, and which can also make the cork fall apart into the wine in the bottle.

The one true Ah-So is made in Germany. All others are fakes, and will fall apart in a much shorter period than the real thing. The real Ah-So is made from tempered steel, while others may be made from weaker materials, and it can last for about a decade.

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