If you're ever stuck with the dilemma of lighting a fire in damp environment, remembering my trusty formula may just save you. I'd volunteered for Scouts Canada as a Cub leader when I was in my teens and learned this trick during a very damp summer. Aerosol cans of insect repellent work best (and are probably the most handy) as DEET is highly flammable, however hairspray and deodorant are okay to use as well.

1. Arrange your wood and newspaper/sticks/leaves as you would if you were to light a fire under normal circumstances
2. Light your lighter. Matches do not offer a constant flame and are not recommended.
3. Depress the can's trigger and dispense its contents in the direction of the wood
4. Move your hand with the lit lighter into the path of the aerosol can's spray and allow miracles of chemistry to take hold. You should now be wielding a torch.
5. Ensure that your new torch is aimed at the wet wood, concentrating on the leaves/sticks/newspaper, although be sure to apply flamage to your large logs once the tinder has been lit.
6. Repeat as necessary and with a little perseverance, you too will have yourself a roaring campfire to the complete dismay of everyone around you.

Please note that aerosols are highly flammable and this should not be tried unless you are a confident little firebug.

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