A thinking/logic/maze/puzzle game for original NES. Every level was a new maze with a bunch of sleeping monsters in it. The object was for Lolo, the main character (a walking blue dot), to collect all of these little "Heart Framers" so he could proceed to the next level. The catch was that once all the heart framers were gone, all the sleeping monsters would wake up and chase Lolo around (and Lolo, being more brains than brawn, could usually not escape). So the way to win was to make Lolo move blocks, cross bridges, etc. in such a way that once he collected all the Heart Framers and all the monsters woke up, he could safely get to the Jewel Chest and finally the Exit Door. At the end of the last level Lolo gets to rescue his true love Lala. I remember it had an awesome sound track.

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