Clu Clu Land is a video game that was available on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo Vs. Unisystem. This was one of the titles that was available when the NES first shipped in America, but it never did gain the popularity of other first release titles such as Kid Icarus.

You can play the console version with any decent NES emulator, and the Vs. Unisystem version is supported by both Raine and MAME. You should be able to purchase this title fairly cheaply on eBay, although examples that include the box and manual tend to go for much more.

The game takes place in the underwater kingdom of Clu Clu Land. There's this mean Sea Urchin who steals all the gold bars (which looks remarkably like Rupees from Zelda.)

In each of the levels, you play this Lolo-type person, who just floats through each screen. The character's actual name is "Bubbles" (but he is known as "Gloopy" in the Japanese version, and he is actually a "she", but the character always seemed male to me). To change your direction, instead of pushing a direction on the controller, you need to grab poles and steer yourself to where you need to go. Anytime you run over a hidden gold bar, it appears. Run over enough of them, and a picture develops (this is predetermined in each level). The sea urchins will try to stop you, but you can stun them and run them into the wall. Just don't fall into the pits that spawns urchins. That's it. Just finds all of the invisible gold bars and you've completed it all. Next level.

The graphics are very plain. There's no scrolling, and the setting only changes slightly with each level. The sounds are alright. There's bouncy music throughout the game, and it's basically the only song you'll hear (other than the stage complete tune). The controls are very hard to use. As I said before, you need to latch on to poles to turn, rather than simply moving your little guy up or down. Chances are, you'll get confused and run into an urchin, which is bad.

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